Executive in Residence Program

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The John L. Ward Center for Family Enterprises Executive In Residence ("EIR") Program provides an opportunity for individuals with leadership experience in all aspects of the family enterprise to leverage their talents in support of CFE and the family enterprise community. CFE's mission strongly prioritizes the experience of the MBA students and the engagement of our alumni and past executive education participants. The Executive in Residence program supports these priorities.

The EIR program invites Kellogg alumni and executive education past participants to engage with CFE's community of MBA students and with our executive education and alumni communities. These interactions with family leaders, non family executives, and experts in the field of family enterprises provide a rich complement to the Kellogg experience. As future alumni, students begin to engage with the community of CFE, and learn context to enhance the content that is taught in the classroom. EIR leaders find the engagement with students and continuing their engagement with Kellogg to be both meaningful and enriching.

The EIR's serve as informal advisors and thought partners to CFE and the Executive Director as a group and individually, providing input on strategic planning, course offerings and content, engagement with students and alumni and research direction. EIR participants meet quarterly as a group with the Executive Director of CFE and also participate in classroom and individual student mentoring, based on their interests and availability. EIR leaders serve a minimum of a two year term, with a new class of EIR's cycling in each year.

The EIR program includes several elements, designed to accommodate both the time constraints and interests of the executive, which may include:

  • One on one sessions held during a day in residence with students to discuss the areas of immediate interest of the student, drawing on the expertise of the executive
  • Lunch and Learn programs. These can be designed to be intimate conversations with a small group, or a larger speaking engagement
  • Speaking engagements with the Family Enterprise club members or in partnership with other clubs that relate to the executive's area of focus
  • Campus treks to the executive's business location for an immersive experience with the executive and his/her business
  • Participation in a summer internship for students interested in learning about other family enterprises including family investment companies. This opportunity can be combined with a session on campus to share the experience back to other students from both the intern's and the executive's perspectives
  • Guest speaking in an MBA course
  • Participating in a case or panel discussion in an executive education program
EIRs are recognized on the wardcenter.net website in our Team page and may also be highlighted in social media and other articles with permission.