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KelloggInsight Podcast: Executive Presence - Do You Have It?

Some people just have a way about them. They walk into a room and everyone knows that they're a leader. Now, if you could only bottle that essence up and use it for yourself...

In this episode of The Insightful Leader, we hear from CFE professor Brooke Vuckovic about how to exude an executive presence that's all your own.

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HBR Webinar: Managing the Trickiest Parts of a Family Business

Serving on any board is hard. But being a board member of a family-owned business is even harder. That's because there can be conflicting agendas and taboos that family members want to avoid. Yet avoidance doesn't work and can undermine a board's effectiveness.

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LGA Podcast
The power of education: What do all family business leaders need to learn?

From LGA Lighthouse Podcast Series - For Family Business Success Across Generations. In this episode, Ivan Lansberg and Devin DeCiantis discuss education in the context of continuity with guest speaker Jennifer Pendergast from the Kellogg School of Management.

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Ward Image
John L Ward: The Most Curious Person I've Ever Met

Leaders from five different industries share how Professor Emeritus John Ward influenced them and their family enterprises during their time at Kellogg and beyond. These five different impacts provide lessons that all family business leaders can leverage.

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Kuster Image
Andreas Kuster - An Entrepreneur in Search of a Family Business

In 2017, the Andreas & Charlotte Kuster family from Basel took over Swiss-based Jakob's Basler-Leckerly and continue to run it as a traditional family business. Through the Kuster family enterprise story, we explore three important and very relevant concepts to family IN Business today. Number one: passing on the entrepreneurial gene. Number two: selling off is not necessarily a sign of failure. Number three: what playing the long game requires.

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Klamar Image
Anne Eiting Klamar: Being ME As A Family Business Leader

Anne Eiting Klamar had not been groomed to succeed her father in the family business. In fact, she embarked on an entirely different career. But when it turned out she needed to run the family business, she stepped into her father's shoes. And she quickly found out they didn't fit her.

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Nelson Image
John Nelson: Family Business Or Family IN Business. That Is the Question

Through SEED Beauty, the Nelson family has disrupted both the traditional cosmetics company model and the notion of what it means to be a family in business.

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Schurz Image
Todd Schurz: We're All In This Together - Whatever 'This' Is

It"s extremely rare for a fifth-generation family business to still be in the same industry they started out in. So, how 88-year-old family business Shurz Communications left the traditional communications industry without leaving any of their family members behind.They have to pivot, but as they pivot, how do they make sure none of the family members get left behind? Todd Shurz of Shurz Communications describes his family's successful transition to a new industry.

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pella Image
The pandemic's effect on the food industry has been complicated.

So what have the past several months been like for the companies that supply businesses with food products?On this special episode of The Insightful Leader, Jennifer Pendergast, the director of Kellogg's John Ward Center for Family Enterprises, sits down with two executives from food flavoring producer Griffith Foods: CEO TC Chatterjee and chairman Brian Griffith.

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pella Image
Adam Farver: For Longtime Family Businesses Like Pella Corporation, These Are Not "Unprecedented Times"

No matter how often we hear the phrase "unprecedented times" in reference to the coronavirus, fourth-generation family business Pella Corporation knows that they have seen times like these before. Chairman Adam Farver has dozens of examples of difficult situations and market downturns. Family businesses will lead the way through this not-unprecedented crisis.

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Radio Flyer Image
Rethinking Radio Flyer's Little Red Wagon Without Reinventing the Wheel

Soon after joining his multi-generational family owned business, Robert Pasin learned the company was in trouble. Though the company hadn't changed, consumer preferences had. How could they gain a competitive advantage without losing everything that made Radio Flyer an iconic part of Americans' childhood memories?

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