KFBO: Key Experience for Students from Family Businesses Concludes for the School Year

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June 2015
The 2014-15 MBA student Kellogg Family Business Organization (KFBO) completed its year of meetings in May with visits by Center for Family Enterprises professors John Ward, Lloyd Shefsky (pictured) and Justin Craig (pictured). KFBO is a confidential cohort of students from business-owning families who present monthly to each other about their family enterprises and discuss next steps for the business and/or the individual and his/her role(s) within it.

This MBA student Family Enterprise Club Co-leader, Ricardo Becker of Chile, participated in KFBO for two years and was in charge of it this year. "KFBO has been a key experience for me while at Kellogg. It has given me the chance to meet other people from family business background, allowed us to share experiences and reflect on common issues while discussing possible solutions. Family business issues tend to be similar across cultures, hence it is highly valuable to have this kind of group to learn from other people's experiences. The impact from this group will last me for life," he said.