Sustaining Wealth Through a Well Defined Shared Family Capital Strategy

How generations ahead can benefit from holistic planning today
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March 2021

It is not uncommon for enterprising families to end up making sub-optimal capital allocation decisions due to limited visibility into, and planning around, the entirety of their shared family assets. The lack of a holistic perspective encompassing assets and commitments can result in blindspots and decision making that is not fully aligned with the family's purpose and objectives.

Think back to what it might have been like for the founders of your family business. Shared family capital was much more easily managed because the family capital was held primarily in a business the founders started. Family businesses often begin simply enough for leaders to see the full picture and control the moving parts, but that ease quickly goes away once growth begins and wealth is amassed. It all gets a little more complicated. As businesses diversify and the needs of the family become more complex, business or wealth owners often lose sight of that overarching view and therefore the alignment of the capital with the mission and values of the family - which is the glue ...

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