KCFE Announces Podcast Series

We know that families learn from each other, and stories are an inclusive and engaging way to learn."
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June 2020

EVANSTON, Ill. --- The Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises released a groundbreaking podcast series on intimate stories of family business leaders, their families and the family enterprises they transformed. The series - published on June 14 - is hosted by Kellogg alumna and leadership storytelling expert, Esther Choy, and available to stream on Spotify, Apple, Google and Stitcher and all other major podcast listening platforms.

"We know that families learn from each other, and stories are an inclusive and engaging way to learn," said Jennifer Pendergast, Executive Director of the Center. "As an innovator in the field of family enterprise education and scholarship, KCFE is constantly looking for new ways to support family enterprises - we are thrilled to launch our podcast series, which features the inspiring stories of family business leaders. And I want to say a special thank you to Executive in Residence John Nelson for providing guidance on the project."

Family IN Business features six episodes spanning from June to November, and highlights business leaders from a range of companies, including Radio Flyer, Pella Corporation, Schurz Communications, Midmark, Jakob's Basler Leckerly and Seed Beauty.

"Storytelling is powerful. Family enterprises are permeated with stories. Unfortunately, many of these stories are not written down or recorded," Choy said. "This podcast series arms listeners with tangible knowledge and relatable examples as they pursue their dreams, vision and plan for their family businesses." The goal of this inaugural series is to provide insight into how family business leaders guide their enterprises and families through transformative change. "Each interview captures stories that distill the essence of leadership required to weather industry change, major economic upheaval and family evolution," Choy said.

Esther Choy, the host of Family IN Business, brings an experienced background and a wealth of knowledge to the intimate audio booth. She's currently the president and Chief Story Facilitator at Leadership Story Lab, a professional training company that specializes in teaching clients how to meaningfully connect with customers and partners. A 2009 graduate from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, Choy is a Forbes contributor, keynote speaker and author of Let the Story do the Work.

The Kellogg Center For Family Enterprises - part of Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management - is dedicated to rigorous and relevant research into the unique demands, strengths, and evolutionary paths of family enterprises and to disseminating those findings with impact.