Get to know Bryan Taruno

Leader KFBO
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January 2021

Hi, Family Enterprise family! My name is Bryan Taruno, a second-year full time MBA student focusing on Finance and Entrepreneurship. I am currently leading the KFBO program, a close group of people who come from family businesses. We meet monthly to present, share, and discuss about getting involved (or not) with our respective family's businesses. KFBO is a great cohort for anyone coming from family businesses or planning to join the family business one day. Topics ranges from issues within the family, conflicts between family, managers and shareholders, generational transitions to deeper emotional aspects of getting involved in family businesses. Due to the strict confidentiality of the information, we encourage our members to share to have a rich discussion, this group is by application only and we screen our members to ensure that everyone have at least an interest in talking about their family businesses. I particularly enjoyed this Kellogg experience of mine so much that I took the leadership role as part of the FEC. Joining KFBO and FEC have been one of the best decisions I made to connect with others with family businesses and discover my own desires and goals career-wise and family business-wise. Resources that we shared and the mentorship program FEC has also increased my overall appreciation of this community. If you own a family business, or plan to join one, I encourage to join!

So perhaps you should know a little about me before taking my words. I am originally from Indonesia and am the third generation of my family's business from both my parents. Let's start form my father side. My father, Budi Taruno, leads a woodworking manufacturing company, PT. Karya Bhakti Manuggal (, headquartered in Semarang, Indonesia. The business was established in 1991 by my grandfather, Taruno Sembodo, originally made to produce hard wood materials for high value wood products from Indonesia. My father then transitioned it to soft wood finger joint laminated board which turned around the company and become a growth engine to subsequent expansionary initiatives. My father is also part of a family holding company, TANAYA ADHI, which is run like a family office, investing in diversified industries. One of our bigger portfolio companies is RK Malaysia, which focuses on manufacturing of motorcycle (2-wheel) chains. It has subsidiaries in Japan, Italy and USA. We supply to majority of Motor Cross bikes in the US. This business was also started by Taruno Sembodo in the 1960s and have been one of the most successful businesses to date in the family portfolio.

Next, my mother's family business is in the pharmaceuticals industry. The company started in 1965 by Edi Handojo and Kusumawati Handojo, my grandparents. They were both pharmacists who studied and met each other at a prestigious local university, Institute Technology of Bandung. They started Erela (, focusing on generic medications and subsequently, Erlimpex, focusing on prescription medications. We supply all types of drug forms - Oral Solid Dosages (OSDs), liquids, creams, capsules, powder, eye drops, etc. Currently, Erela's focus is on consumer health, with our vitamin products, and eye health. Our facility is one of the biggest eye care facilities in Indonesia with complete ISO certifications. This is also where I have spent the last 2.5 years prior to Kellogg. Though I will not be coming back right away to the business, I foresee myself perpetuating the business and act as a steward to the company after rigorous training at Kellogg and at Bain & Company, where I will spend the next few years after MBA.

Aside from the family business, I also am an aspiring entrepreneur. I co-founded mySkin, an online dermatology startup, after finding frustrations on seeking a convenient and effective solution to solve my acne issues. At Kellogg, I am also part of the Kellogg Entrepreneur Organization (KEO), which is another close group I would recommend for aspiring entrepreneurs! I am interested in bringing technology closer to the Indonesian community and have the ultimate goal to bring healthcare equality for all, starting in Indonesia. I see both mySkin and Erela as engines that would achieve me to the checkpoints I want to reach in life.

Outside work, I am an avid golf competitor. I played in local professional events occasionally and enjoyed competition and banter :D. I am also involved in Kellogg Golf Club with the aim to democratize golf, especially during these unprecedented times!

Thanks for taking the time to read along! Please reach out if you want to talk about family business, KFBO, start-ups, KEO, golf, or anything else. If we have not met already, I hope to get to know you soon. I always love new friendships.