NYT: For Owners of Century-Old Businesses, Shutting Down Brings a Special Pain

Obligation cannot be the reason to continue. Long term, that is not sustainable.
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July 2020

From the New York Times article dated July 17, 2020:

Vernon Harrell, the company's fourth-generation owner, recently announced he was closing the business his great-grandfather started.

"There isn't the next generation with the passion to take the business through a crisis," said Jennifer Pendergast, executive director of the Center for Family Enterprises at Northwestern University. "This is going to be hard for a while. Is there someone who wants to take that on?"

For business owners trying to chart the future - whether they're the fifth generation or the second - Dr. Pendergast recommends that they find someone who can be their "truth teller," who will look at the numbers and the emotions of continuing.

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