Family Business Magazine Article: Sustainable Governance

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November 2019

From Family Business Magazine article - Sustainable governance at J.M. Huber Corporation:

Decisions at the J.M. Huber Corporation are made with the long view in mind: How should the business evolve so it can succeed for another 136 years? How can a family with hundreds of members sustain its ownership of a $2.3 billion manufacturing company with operations in 20 countries? And how can the company use the natural resources required to make its products in a sustainable way?

"One of the things that our family does really well is that we never stop evaluating our processes," says Molly Heaney, 39, a fifth-generation family member who is a voting member of the Huber corporate board, serves on the family's education and development committee and formerly served on the family council board. "There's no complacency. Families are dynamic and need to change."

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