PwC's 2018 US Family Business Survey

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May 2019
"The release of our ninth PwC Global Family Business Survey comes at a time of extraordinary transformation. Digital technology is disrupting whole industries; sustainability is becoming central to the conduct of business; in the corporate and financial worlds, winning trust is more important than it's ever been; and millennials represent an enduring demographic change.

We believe that family businesses have a competitive advantage at a time like this.

Yet one consistent finding since we started this biannual survey in 2002 is that many family businesses are not yet turning these inherent advantages into a winning strategy to help secure profitable, long-term legacies. This latest survey suggests there is a great opportunity here. Indeed, a healthy 75% of our survey respondents felt that having a clear set of values created a competitive advantage."

Click here to access the PwC 2018 US Family Business Survey in PDF format.

To learn more about the Center's Executive Education Program Leading Family Enterprises, where members of family-owned businesses learn to manage the unique dilemmas that confront family enterprise leaders in ways that harness the strategic advantages of these organizations, click here.